Handmade Leather bound Journals by Mind’s Eye Journals

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Whether you want to write your memoirs or make a special gift to someone you care about, finding a beautiful journal can help you achieve your goals. At mindseyejournals.com, you will find a premium collection of handmade journals crafted from paper and leather using traditional methods.

Made by a leather artist by the name of Teresa Haun, she can be found at artist festivals throughout the USA and has a schedule of art shows in her website.

These unique journals are made from a variety of tanned leathers, featuring different sizes and designs. Some of the journals available at Minds Eye Journals are bound with handmade paper, while others are bound with watercolor paper.

The leather is very unique looking with designs and that old fashioned feel and look of how journals of old were made. It somehow makes each one seem more personal to the person who buys one.

There are journals for travelers, artists, illustrative journalers, and scrapbookers. The smallest of all the journals is specifically designed for traveling or backpacking.

The Sketch Book offers incredible versatility, while The Ambassador is created for those who write frequently. The Artist’s Portfolio has generously proportioned dimensions and can be used by journalers who need to put their ideas on paper and use larger illustrations.

Each journal caters to a particular type of person, being meant for the written word. The handmade paper is acid-free, so that it can preserve your life stories forever. A journal can help you simplify your life, determine your values, communicate in a more effective way, and set goals on long term.

Journaling allows you to see what changes you can make to strengthen your relationships, become a better writer, and express your deepest thoughts. Through your journal you can think of those things that you appreciate the most in life.

For those who love leather, a leather bound journal makes a great gift. If you feel ready to explore yourself and write down your ideas, consider buying one of the finest leather journals available by Teresa Haun at mindseyejournals.com.