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Happy Halloween from Leather Supreme!

Happy Halloween from leather supreme

Well this is a late post for Halloween, but it’s still before most go trick or treating today so it’s close enough! I’m still up visiting my mom in Vermont so I’m not doing much. It’s cold and windy out with a good chance of rain. If I was going out I’d dress up as a bad-ass biker. Or maybe leather face!

Or I could wear a cheap patchwork leather jacket and go as that guy in “Silence of the lambs”. (you know, he was making a skin form for himself,,patchwork,,, yeah,,,). But since I’m not going anywhere I get to stay in and write this riveting post!

So anyway I hope everyone else is having a good time trick or treating, or going to some crazy Halloween party. Be safe and watch out for monsters and goblins. Happy Halloween from Leather Supreme! (Hey, it rhymes!) 😉

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