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Happy New Year from Leather Supreme!

Happy New Year from Leather Supreme!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! I hope your holiday season has been good and you got what you wanted. I know 2010 was not a good year for many.

In fact for a lot of folks it was the worst year yet, what with homes being foreclosed on and the job situation still bad. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to see what 2011 will bring.

As for myself, I’m not doing too bad. I run around two dozen websites and work from home which I love. I’ve been doing that for around 4 years now and would not want to do anything else.

I sold a lot of leather jackets over the holidays, mostly from guys buying the little lady a coat. I’m sorry for those who got the wrong size but you can always return them for an exchange here.

I’m hoping that this year I finally have time to add a lot more in my store. I can stock many great leather vest, chaps, pants and a full line of saddlebags and other types of bags for motorcycles.

The only reason I don’t at the moment is because I never have the time! But I’m going to make the time and get them in here so you have more to select from.

I also will carry more leather jackets and I’m going to try to find colored jackets. I know women like to get white, red, pink and other colored jackets so I’m going to start carrying them.

Finally I may start some sections for leather briefcases, bags and stuff like that. I may not sell them directly, they may link to items from Amazon. I will pick out good ones and make product pages of them so you know where to get the best ones.

So I got a lot planned for 2011, I just hope I can get my ass in gear and do it! Hope everyone has a better 2011 and we all have better luck this year. 🙂

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