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Happy New Year from Leather Supreme!

Happy New Year from Leather Supreme

Hi everyone, Bill here! I’ve been letting Kerry, aka Leather Babe write most of my blog post these days. But I wanted to personally wish all my customers a Happy New Year!

2018 has been a good year and I really appreciate all the sales my customers have given us. I still have a lot of cool biker products to add to the store, it just takes a long time! I’m happy with the new look and layout of the store.

Kerry recently moved to Massachusetts (she’s a big Pats fan!) and is doing well. She still works with me as these days you can live anywhere and still work online, since most of her job is adding products, writing articles and so on.

I still live in Orlando, Fl. But I’m thinking of buying a house this year somewhere out in the country. I need a bigger place to store all my merchandise, plus it’s getting real crowded here in Orlando.

I actually hope to move out west one of these days. Never been out there and I always wanted to go. Maybe in a few more years. Meantime I can visit and see how I like it.

Anyways for 2019 I already have some big plans for Leather Supreme. I just got a wholesale account at HotLeathers, which if your a biker you know is a very big biker products company. I’ll be adding a lot of their top quality items to my store soon.

I’m also starting to sell very cool and unique rhinestone helmet covers by Helmetra. They stretch over your old helmet so you can sport a brand new look! Or buy several and change the look of your helmet design when you want.

They look amazing and I hope to have them listed for sale within a week or two. As always I keep getting new biker designs to put on my biker shirts, tees and vest. I’m going to start selling my designs on hoodies and sweats too.

As you may or may not know I also run Quality Biker Patches, which is my big biker patch site. Plus Patriotic Military Patches, which speaks for itself. I will keep adding great patches to those sites too if your mainly interested in high quality patches.

Plus I hope to finally add more tall size jackets to my popular brown buffalo hide cafe’ leather motorcycle jackets. Including some tall sizes for my brown leather vest made of the same leather, with and without side laces.

So 2019 is going to start out busy for me! Hopefully that will mean a better year than even 2018. Again I want to thank you all for being my customers or even just visiting my site. From Kerry and I, have a Happy New Year and a great 2019!

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