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How a Women’s Leather jacket is different than men’s

Women's leather jacket

I’ve had a few women who liked a men’s leather jacket and wanted to know if they could get it in a women’s Leather jacket style. When I said I did not they asked if the men’s jacket would fit them.

The short answer is yes, but they would not fit good. When it comes to a women’s Leather jacket there are several different areas that are different than a mens. The two biggest differences are the arm length and torso.

You can have a man and woman stand side by side and be equal in height, but a jacket would not fit the same. Men have longer torso’s than a woman, as well as arms in general.

So a women’s Leather jacket is made with shorter arm lengths and a shorter torso area, even if the chest is the same. Also most women’s Leather jacket styles have a shorter length in general.

Another area that is made different is the shoulder area. Most women’s Leather jacket styles don’t have wide shoulders like men do, because men and women are shaped different up there.

Many women’s Leather jacket styles also have gathered sides for a trim fit that make a lady look better. Men don’t really care about showing off their trim waistline!

So in most cases a women wearing a mens’ leather jacket with the right chest size will find the sleeves are too long and the jacket comes down too far past their waist.

Also there will be baggy areas where the shoulders are. I know it’s not fair to have so many cool styles of men’s leather jackets and not have the same style in a women’s Leather jacket.

But in most cases getting the men’s jacket is not going to make you happy as it will fit poorly. There are some women shaped like a guy,,,, but most are not thankfully! 😉

At the same time there’s plenty of women’s Leather jacket styles that look great and are not made for men. I have a beautiful red flame with long fringes women’s Leather jacket that many have asked if there was a matching mens jacket. (no, sorry).

There are hundreds of great women’s Leather jacket styles around these days, so if you look enough I’m sure you’ll find one you like that is even better than that mens jacket you were looking at.

So your going to have to just look around hard and find a women’s Leather jacket that is what you want and forget about buying a men’s leather jacket. You’ll look a lot better and be happier, trust me. 🙂

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