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How to buy Leather pants, care and cleaning

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Leather pants, some still hear that and think of a middle age guy going through a mid-life crisis, or a gay guy! But the fact is leather pants are very much fashionable now, and damn comfortable too. Now in this post I’m talking about leather pants, not leather chaps. I have another post on leather chaps if you want to know about those, use the search box.

Leather pants are shaped and look pretty much like any other pair of pants. There are many more styles of woman’s leather pants than men’s. They can have belt loops, 4 or 5 pockets, front zipper or tie front, leather lace, side lace and they can come with or without a liner. So first the basics, what kind of leather do they use for leather pants?

Well leather pants are not made to protect you as much as chaps are. They are made for comfort, good looks and fashion. So most of them are made from the softer split leather, the side without the top grain. So most of them are very smooth with no real leather grain pattern, but some put a grain pattern on them.

The type of hides they use can be any of the common animals; buffalo, cowhide, pigskin, goat, sheepskin and lamb. However lambskin is a bit too light for leather pants, so I would not get ones made of them. The most common are goatskin, sheepskin and pigskin. Some are made just with the leather, others glue or sew a liner on the inside. Both are fine, it’s up to you.

Now, we all know how hot a babe looks in tight leather pants! Trust me, the opposite is also true. If you don’t have the body for them, a pair of leather pants will make you look comical! Of all the types of leather apparel, leather pants are the hardest to try to find a good fit. Different brands make each one a little different. So if you can, try them on first. Otherwise make sure you can return them.

There are not too many styles of leather pants for men. Most have belt loops, a zipper front and 4 or 5 pockets. For women however they have many choices. Zipper front or sexy lace up front, lace sides, pretty leather braiding on the sides or around them, full cut or tight, with or without belt loops.

They also have ladies Capri pants, hip huggers, low cut, denim look, side zippers and more. So as you can see ladies leather pants are quite popular! The only way to tell if you look good in them is to try them on. Leather pants can be very soft and feel great. They don’t stretch too much but they do form to your body, making a good clean look on you.

So how to care for a pair of leather pants? Well the biggest thing is, DON’T SPILL ANYTHING ON THEM! Leather pants, like all leather, can stain even with water. As soon as you get your new leather pants you should clean them, apply conditioner, then apply a sealer to them. When storing them, hang them up draped over once on a thick wooden round coat hanger rod. If storing in a drawer, roll them up loosely, don’t fold them.

Like all leather try to keep them clean, don’t put them in a dry, hot or humid location. Treat them the same as a leather jacket, I have many post in here on how to clean, treat and care for them, use the same steps on leather pants, or any leather for that matter.

Treat them well and your leather pants will last for years. They look great, feel great and drive guys nuts when on a hot babe. Women look twice when a guy wears them too, providing he has the body for them! So add a pair of leather pants to your wardrobe and have a complete leather outfit!

3 thoughts on “How to buy Leather pants, care and cleaning

  1. thanks for a very good article! leather pants are really a great thing to purchase if u got a body for them. they look awesome, feel so soft, have its good smell. personally i got a pair of nice classic black leather pants, and gotta tell you, they do get many looks 🙂 but i don’t care what other guys say about me wearing them, maybe they just envy that i got balls to wear them out 🙂
    in most cases, girls love leather pants on a guy, maybe ’cause it shows confidence.
    so go get yourself a pair 🙂

  2. I like this article. You talk about the right things to say. We also have tips and FAQs about taking care of your leather garments like leather pants, chaps, leather jackets, leather coats, Suede, and other styles of leather wearables. Visit us at spotlessleather .com as well. 🙂

  3. I’ve always liked leather pants. I bought a pair of the PU leather (waxed) jeans at the beginning of this year and just bought a real pair of leather pants a month ago for the first time.
    They were just as I expected them to be; Extremely comfortable, chic, and stylish. (I also love the distinct leather smell when first opening the package).
    If you’re going for the real emo/goth/punk/rocker look, then leather pants are the thing for you.
    However, one does have to get used to wearing them in public. I think the only reason people may look is because they are not too commonly seen (but then again, it gives you individuality).
    Finally, like Max said, the only reason people may snicker negative comments is because they probably don’t have the balls to wear them themselves.

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