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How to buy leather shirts

leather shirts

Hi everyone, sorry I have not been posting much. I’ve got a lot of writing I’ve been finishing up. Once I have it done in a day or two I’ll be doing more work in here. That includes getting more items in my store too! Well today I thought I’d make a quick post about leather shirts. Yes, they make leather shirts, in lots of different styles too.

Now normally I talk about how you want a tough cowhide or buffalo leather hide, or pigskin hide leather jacket. But for a shirt, you want something soft and flexible. Often you want it made from the split grain, unless it’s lambskin, sheepskin or maybe goat. The split grain is more softer and flexible than the top grain, which is better for a jacket.

So for a leather shirt the best type of leather is lambskin, sheepskin and goat. But the split grain of cowhide, buffalo and pigskin can also be used, however the lambskin will be the softest. Most leather shirts button up in front, but some have snap buttons, and some you put on like a sweater with just a short top zipper. Often they have breast pockets that button or snap shut.

As for a liner, some have a very thin fabric liner, while others have no liner at all. Both types are fine, the fabric liner might be a little smoother on you, but most of the time you have an undershirt of some type on. Most also have a collar pretty much like a regular shirt collar. They also often have a button or snap shut cuff.

As far as the care and cleaning of them, you do that the same way I have said about the care and cleaning of a leather jacket. You should always hang it up on a thick coat hanger, and never put it in a plastic bag. Be VERY careful not to spill drinks or anything on it. You should put conditioner on it a few times a year, and a sealer to help prevent spots if you do spill stuff on it.

Check the hardware on it, which is the buttons, snaps and zippers. The zippers and snaps should be made of brass, nickel or stainless steel. Buttons should be double threaded. A quality leather shirt will last for many years, they feel great and look wonderful. I’ll be carrying a few in my store, as soon as I get my work caught up!

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