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Iron Horse fire near Daytona may screw up Bike Week

Iron Horse fire near bike week events

Bike week in Daytona Beach is March 4th, this weekend! However it seems like there is always something to screw it up. Last year it was windy, rainy and cold, damn cold!

This year is nice and warm; hot even. However right now there is a big fire burning around Daytona beach. Ironically they have named it after a popular bike week saloon, the Iron Horse fire!

The Iron Horse fire has burned over 17,000 acres of woods, and today it is set to burn lots more due to windy and dry conditions. It’s the dry season down here so everything is ready to burst into flames.

Now I’m not saying that the fire will affect bike week that much, if at all. However they already have at times shut down I-95 and even route 1 on the coast due to smoke.

Right now all roads are open and only a few houses have been burned. But the smoke and fire could turn or get much bigger at any time. I can even smell the smoke here in Orlando.

So I just wanted to give you a heads up if your going to bike week in Daytona this weekend. Check the radio or TV in the mornings before you head out and see if any roads are closed.

Also don’t be surprised to see and smell smoke while your riding. Chances are the fire will not effect anything during bike week, but just keep your eyes and ears open for what the Iron Horse fire is doing. 🙂

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