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Is a leather jacket always the right choice?

leather motorcycle jackets

It’s been a very hot summer here in Florida. That of course means riding the hog has been a sweat-fest most of the time! At least if your the type that believes in always wearing your protective leather jacket. Truth be told a leather jacket is about the hottest type of jacket you can wear in the summer months. The black color absorbs the sun, the leather stops the air from cooling you off.

Even with the air vents that good leather jackets have it’s still not enough when it’s in the 90’s. So is a leather motorcycle jacket always the right choice for riding your bike? Well, the short answer is no, it’s not. Since I sell leather jackets it might be surprising to hear me say that. But this site is about giving you honest answers, not just making a buck.

Now many just love leather and will not wear any other type of motorcycle jacket. The die hard leather bikers can’t bear to wear anything else, even if it means doing a slow burn in the hot sun. I’m like that, but when it gets super hot here in Orlando I switch to a more lighter synthetic jacket that is a light color and more breathable for the hottest two months.

Most of the time in most areas your trying to keep warm, not stay cool. So a leather jacket is the best 90% of the time. But the truth is there are cooler motorcycle jackets that reflect the sun’s heat and lets more air blow through to keep you cool. It’s tempting to just ride around in your T shirt on a hot summer day in Florida.

But if you think it’s hot, just think what your body will look like after sliding down that hot pavement after you take a tumble! So you should always wear a jacket, even when it’s hot out. The new fabric motorcycle jackets are really light and keep you cool, at least as cool as a jacket can. But I sure do miss that smell and feel of my trusty leather jacket!

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