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Ladies Leather shorts, halters and vest for summer

Ladies leather halters and shorts

Now that summer is here we don’t wear our leather jackets too much. Maybe up north the evenings are cool enough to wear one, but for most of the world summer is too hot for leather jackets.

For men you can still wear leather vest which are just right for a cool summer night. But ladies have much more types of leather wear they can wear even in the hot months.

Ladies leather vest are one; great for an evening out. They come in many different shapes and styles too, with braids, conchos, fringes and more. Next come halter tops and tank tops made of leather.

Ladies leather halters and shorts

Ladies leather halter tops come in many different styles, from open backed types to diamond pattern backs. Some look like a cross between a leather vest and a halter top, with or without collar, short or going down to the belly button.

Ladies also have many styles of leather shorts and skirts to choose from. In fact it gets confusing trying to pick out one from the hundreds of styles you can find. From tight booty leather shorts to knee length leather skirts there is a style for you.

Ladies leather halters and shorts

You can even find ladies leather bikinis and panties in many styles. Some have ties, others zippers, still others buttons and snaps. We need more women on the beach in leather bikinis! 😉

All of these ladies leather halter tops, shorts, skirts and tops come in different colors too. A pink, white or other light colored leather item will be cooler to wear since black absorbs the sun’s heat more.

So even though it’s summer you ladies still have many leather wear items to choose from that are cool. Check out a new pair of leather shorts, a cute halter top or nice leather vest. If you look good in them, let this be the year for your first leather bikini too!

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