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Lambskin, sheepskin and goatskin leather fashion jackets

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With the Christmas shopping season here many will be out buying a nice looking leather fashion jacket for their lady or man. I often talk about how cowhide and buffalo hide are best for leather motorcycle jackets. That’s true, but not when it comes to fashion leather jackets.

Getting a leather jacket or coat you just want to look good in is much different than getting a motorcycle leather jacket. You don’t care about it protecting you from road rash if you fall off your bike. You want a jacket that looks sharp, feels good and is soft.

So in that case you’ll be more happier with a leather jacket or coat made out of lambskin, sheepskin or goatskin. All of those have more of a fine leather grain that makes them look smoother and polished. It also makes the leather softer as the leather grain is not as thick and rough.

Out of all of them lambskin is the softest, if all have been processed the same way. It’s also the weakest leather. But if the leather jacket is just for showing off and making the chicks at the bar run their hands over it, it’s fine! Sheepskin and goatskin are stronger and about the same in strength.

Now cowhide and pigskin are still great for fashion leather jackets too. They split the hide thinner for those types of jackets and coats. So they also can be very soft and look great. I’m just letting you know that lambskin, sheepskin and goatskin are fine for fashion leather jackets. Happy shopping!

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