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Latest Ladies Denim Vest!!

womens denim vest with front snaps

Click here to see the newest ladies denim vest with snaps today!! 

Good morning everyone, hope all is well and everyone is almost gearing up for the upcoming weekend. I know that I am and that we have had a steady week, so I just wanted to take the time to showcase a couple new lovely ladies denim vests for you all today.

As you can see above this one is the latest from a great company that we are carrying now called Daniel Smart. These vests are very high quality and are very soft to the touch. This one is a ladies concealed carry black denim vest with side laces. It has many different details including two outside pockets and also an inside cell phone pocket.

Other features you will notice is that it has an elastic strap gun holsters inside each of the two inside pockets to carry any pistol you may want to carry. You also have an inner mesh lining for comfort and for you to be able to breathe better while riding.

This vest also has reinforced shoulder support and a snap up front closure with side laces to give off some detail and fashion. Lastly, it also has one piece panel on the back so you can add any patch you want.

All of these vests from Daniel Smart are definitely a fitted style and are pretty snug to the body. Most women love this type of style when shopping for any type of apparel. So if you are the type of lady rider that may want to have this type of vest this one may be for you!

ladies zippered front denim vest with side laces

Click here to see the latest zippered front ladies denim vest now!!

I also have one more vest I would like to show all my lady riders out there today and it is quite similar. As you can see this one is also from Daniel Smart and it is a ladies zippered front black denim vest with side laces. This one is also top quality and has many different characteristics and features.

Just like the other vest mentioned in this post it has two outer pockets and an inside pocket for added space to put your personal belongings but unlike the other it does not have any concealed carry pockets.

This beautiful denim vest also features the side laces to give it some extra style and an inner mesh lining for breathable comfortably while riding. The only other difference is that this one has a zip up front whereas the other had snap up front.

So again if you are interested in either one of these new ladies black denim vest then go ahead check them out I am more than certain you will enjoy these fitted vests in your wardrobe! Just go ahead and click the link to either of them to see which one is more for you. You can not go wrong with either one of these, so have fun and like always Happy Shopping!

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