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Our Vacation Trips Up North

Vermont vacation
Hello good morning everyone its Kerry here sorry we haven’t been posting lately been lots going on since Bill and I been back from our vacations. Which our vacations to Boston and Vermont went really nice and it was a great break for both of us. Bill went up to Vermont to see his family and help out his mom and took plenty of seasonal pictures that we wanted to share. Continue reading Our Vacation Trips Up North

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Vacation Update!!

fall foliage in Boston!!

Good morning and happy new week to everyone! Just wanted to stop by and give you all an update on this upcoming weeks events. This week starting from Wednesday October 10th I myself will be going away to Boston on a family vacation.

I will be up there with my daughter to enjoy some cooler air and to get a break from Florida for a week, definitely lots of fun things to do and get done. We have a wedding and a football game to attend so that will be very fun and lots of family to see. I will give all of you updates when I get back. I am sure I will have lots to write about!

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New Men’s And Women’s Cellphone Case Holders!!!

Women's rhinestone lady rider biker phone case

Get your ladies purse style cellphone case holder today!!!  

Good Monday morning everyone I hope that you all are having a splendid morning thus far. It was a quick but a delightful weekend for all of us here hope you all enjoyed as well now back to the grind of a new week. I have some awesome new items to display for you today, these are pretty incredible and can be used for any type of IPhone or Android phone you may have. Continue reading New Men’s And Women’s Cellphone Case Holders!!!

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Womens Daniel Smart Zippered Front Black Denim Vest

ladies zippered front denim vest with side laces

Click here to see this latest ladies zippered up front black denim vest!!  

Good morning and happy Thursday morning everyone just wanted to see how everyone was doing been a long week here on our end with the show that just ended last weekend for the ISS and Surf expo. Bill and I went last Friday and it was eventful, definitely not as big of a show as last time but still a good time. Continue reading Womens Daniel Smart Zippered Front Black Denim Vest

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Surf And ISS Expo Orlando!!

ladies designer denim vest with lady sugar skull design

Hello good morning everyone happy Wednesday and mid-week for most. Its Leather Babe here aka Kerry, I am finally back and pretty much over being sick and my supposed injury! So I just wanted to stop in and briefly talk about the latest event coming up at the end of the week, here in Central Florida. Continue reading Surf And ISS Expo Orlando!!

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New Motorcycle Biker Cell Phone Case Holder Coming Soon!

Women's biker cell phone case with patches

Hi everyone, Bill from Leather Supreme here! Kerry is the one that normally writes blog post these days. But she came down with a bad cough, then fell while roller skating and cracked a rib. So she is taking some time off. I tell ya, the things she will do just to get out of work! 😀

Anyways it’s getting closer to fall and the holiday season, so I wanted to highlight some new items we will be adding soon. One that I am excited about is a new type of motorcycle biker cell phone case holder that you can see in the picture above.
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