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Care & cleaning your leather jacket

care and cleaning your leather jacket

So you’ve got your brand new leather jacket, great. Now you might be wondering what you need to do to it. Should you waterproof it? Put some kind of treatment on it, what? A leather jacket is not hard to maintain, but it does require a little more upkeep than a nylon jacket that you never do anything to.

There is a lot of products on the market for leather, some good and some crap. So I’ll tell you the steps you should take for protecting your leather jacket, conditioning your leather jacket and cleaning your leather jacket. The very first thing you should do to your new leather jacket or leather item is to apply a protector to it. Continue reading Care & cleaning your leather jacket

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Naked leather and aniline

how to color leather

Well in this post I’m going to tell about the last step leather takes. First we picked what animal we want the leather from. Then we picked how we want the leather split and how much if any we want the leather smoothed. Now we need to color and treat the leather.

Just like in the first steps different treatments can be good or bad. I’ve seen some really bad leather jackets where the first time it got rained on all the brown color washed out like water paint! The treatment and tanning process is actually a lengthy process. I’m not going to get into all the steps, only the basic ones you should know.

How a hide is colored and treated will determent how good the coloring holds up, and what the leather is called. You want to know what the difference is between a naked leather jacket and a vegetable dye leather jacket. There are lots of sales pitch terms also, like “super dyed”, “fully treated” and so on. Let’s take a look at the common types. Continue reading Naked leather and aniline

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How leather is made

leather hides

Hi everyone. Well in my last post I told about what different animals leather comes from. So let’s say from that you have decided you want a cowhide leather jacket. Great, good choice. Are you going to get one that is top grain, top grade, split leather, naked leather, aniline or patchwork?

Oh no, not more confusing stuff! Yes, leather can be tricky like I’ve said. Now you can see just how little people understand when they go out and get that “top grade leather jacket”. But it’s not that hard once it’s been explained, and I’ll do that right now for you.

As you know leather is just the hide, the skin of the animal. Different areas of the animal has stronger or thicker hide than others. Take a look at that picture at the top. That shows you the basic sections they use for making a leather product. The sides are the most thickest and strongest and more uniform in texture. Continue reading How leather is made

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Leather made from different animals

Leather from different animals

So your ready to get a quality, genuine leather jacket, fine. What type of leather are you going to get? Huh, I thought leather was, uh, leather, right? Wrong! The reason you see so many different prices for leather jackets is because of the different types of leather that they use to make them. There are 3 basic differences to leather.

One is how it’s tanned and treated. There are several different ways they do that, all of them having strong and weak points. Two is what part of the animal did the leather come from, and has it been split, sanded or stitched together. But before all that comes the most basic step, what animal did the leather come from.

Any hide of an animal can be called leather. You can take the feathers off of a chicken, tan the hide and call it genuine leather. But do you want a leather jacket made from chickens? No, I did not think so! Here I will discuss the most common types of animals used for good quality leather jackets and other leather products. Continue reading Leather made from different animals

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Why buy leather?

womens leather fringe jacket

So why should you buy a leather jacket, or any other type of leather product? With all the new synthetic fabrics and even fake “leather” shouldn’t you be able to buy stuff that looks better and wears better than leather? The answer quite simply is, no!

You have to think about what leather is. Leather is skin, from an animal. It was a membrane that at one time was alive, growing and forming. Leather is treated organic matter, not some stuff made from heated vats of chemicals. You just can’t improve on real living cells.

Because leather was alive, it can breath, at least to some extent. It was made to protect the cow, or buffalo, or whatever animal it came from. Protect it from the cold, wind, thorns, scratches and other stuff. Once you wear it, it then protects you as it did the animal. Continue reading Why buy leather?

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Welcome to leather Supreme!

Hi, and welcome to leather supreme. I’ve been selling and working with all things leather for years. Leather jackets, vest, coats, saddle bags, ladies purses, wallets and all that good stuff! I even use to airbrush designs on leather jackets and vest.

In this blog I want to share all the information I have collected over the years, and maybe once again sell a few leather jackets and other leather items. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about leather that really ticks me off, and I hope to set that right in here. So welcome and I hope you learn a few things before you buy your next leather jacket!