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Leather bikinis, bras and panties

Leather bikini, bra and panties

What’s going on everyone? Now that the heat of summer is here I thought it would be a good time to talk about leather bikini’s, bras and panties. They look damn good on a well built biker chick! Most women just don’t think they have the body for them, so they don’t wear them.

But there are plenty more that do, at least around the house or maybe on that night when she and the hubby are alone. I plan to stock them when I get my little store open in here. Now, some people really don’t know just where the heck a woman would wear these types of outfits. Well, it depends on the woman! Some just wear them around the house.

Some sexy biker chicks wear a leather bikini and panty outfit going to the beach, out on a ride on the Harley or even at a get together. Some even wear them in the water like a swimsuit. I myself think they are crazy to hop on the back of a motorcycle just wearing a thin leather bikini outfit. If they fall off they will just be red meat. But I see that all the time down here in Florida.

biker chick leather bikiniNow there’s a lot of different types of leather bikini, bra tops and panty. Some are made with nothing but leather, with leather tie strings and so on. Others like in this picture have steel hoops and chains attached for a cool, sexy look. Some even have studs and other decorations on them. Still others have leather fringe on them. So if you look around you can find just what you want.

Some of them are full cut to cover you good, others are just barely there and does not leave much to the imagination! So just what kind of leather do they use for leather bikini, bras and panties? Well, they use thinner leather than they do in jackets, of course. Popular animal hides for these types of leather are goats, sheep and lambs.

biker chick leather bikiniHowever they do use pigskin and cowhide also, but they use thinner leather than normal. Almost always they use split leather, which is the leather under the top grain after they split the hide. This layer is more softer and flexible. Leather bikini, bras and panties need to be very smooth and soft, so they don’t try to make a grain pattern in the leather.

The hardware used on leather bikini, bras and panties need to be high quality. If they are attached poorly they will rip the leather or fail and pull off. You don’t want your leather bikini top to snap as your going 60 on that bike now do you! Hoops, chains, studs, snaps and zippers should be made of stainless steel, nickel or brass. Most also have a stretchy fabric built into key areas to make them fit better.

biker chick leather bikiniAs always, trying to find a leather bikini, leather bra or leather pantie outfit in the right size is tough. A lot of the outfits come in one size fits all, which is bull! An 80 lb. size AA bust woman looks a lot different than a 160 lb. 36DD bust babe! Try to find some that come in 2 or 3 different sizes.

Also see if they take returns if it does not fit. You may have to pay for the return back shipping, but they should pay for the next item shipped to you. If you know of an airbrush artist, you can get a nice design put on your bikini or bra top. The design in the first big picture was one I use to do.

So if your a biker babe with the body for it, a hot leather bikini, bra top and leather pantie or outfit can really complete your leather outfits. Just get a quality one, and try to find the best size. Then go out there and blow those biker guys minds away!

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