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Leather jacket brands in my leather store

leather brands I will have in my store

Hello everyone. I’m enjoying my stay up in Vermont. It’s cooler than in Florida, that’s for sure! As you all know if you’ve been reading my post, I’m going to open a store in here. Actually I will be doing that very soon, maybe a week or two. I’m always honest about everything I do, I think you know that. So I think it’s only fair to tell you the leather brands I’ll be stocking.

Now most buy their leather from big wholesalers, then slap their own names on it. I’m not going to do that. I will just use the brand name it comes with, and let the quality do the talking. Now one thing I’m going to do is stock one brand that is very, very high quality. They cost top dollar, but they can’t be beat, no how, no way. I also will stock 2 or 3 brands that are good quality, yet not cost more than most can afford.

All will be quality leather jackets, vest, motorcycle leather and all that stuff. None will be cheap stuff, I hate cheap leather! But I wanted to have a choice of good quality leather that most want to buy, and then the super top of the line leather that people with lots of money want, or those who don’t mind paying a lot for the super quality leather. So what brands am I talking about?

Well, for the really best of the bunch leather, I’m going to carry Fox Creek Leather. They are based right here in the USA. They make motorcycle leather jackets and anything else that’s leather for motorcycles. They use very thick leather, very good hardware, and a lifetime warranty on their leather jackets. You can’t beat that!

Actually I will be showcasing their products. If you see a leather jacket from them on my site and you click on it, it will take you to that item on their site. From there you order it, and yes I get a commission for the sale. So you get to see what they have, what it cost, and compare to the other leather brands I have in my store. So what about the other brands?

Well the others are also good quality, they just are not over the top like Fox Creek leather. They are top, full grain with the best hardware and so on. They also make fashion leather jackets, leather shorts, leather halter tops and many other leather apparel items. So I’ll have a wide range of leather products to choose from.

The brand name for those are Biker’s Dream apparel, and All State leather. Both are very high quality leather brands, with several different levels of pricing, hide thickness and so on. Like, you can get a top, full grain naked cowhide leather jacket. That will be top dollar. But lets say you want a quality jacket, but don’t want to spend that much.

So then you can get a split grain cowhide leather jacket. It still has quality hardware with YKK zippers and quality craftsmanship. It just will have a bit weaker leather, but still far better than those cheap leather jackets. So you can choose from several levels to match your budget. Rest assured anything you buy in my site is quality leather that I would use myself.

I should have some items in here in a week or two. I have to make a size chart, my return policy and all that good stuff. I will have free shipping for everything except the Fox Creek leather, since you would be buying that from their site. So give me a little time and soon you’ll see my store!

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