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Leather motorcycle jacket air vents

leather motorcycle jacket air vents

What’s going on everyone? If you have school kids they must be almost out for summer vacation huh? Good luck, hehe. Ok, today I figured I’d talk about leather motorcycle jacket air vents. Some people don’t really understand what they do, other than look cool! So I’ll touch on vents today and tell you why they are nice to have.

Now most leather trench coats, dress jackets and coats and other leather jackets like that don’t have air vents. They don’t need them and would look out of place. Zippered air vents are found on leather motorcycle jackets, some dusters, scooter jackets and racer jackets. Almost always they open and close with a zipper.

If it’s a quality leather jacket there will be a small leather flap that hides the zipper. That keeps out the dirt and rain when you have it closed. An exposed air vent zipper may look cool, but it’s not practical. Over time the zipper will start to degrade from getting rain and dirt splashed on it.

So what is the purpose of leather motorcycle jacket air vents and where on the jacket should they be? Well they serve several purposes. A leather jacket is not breathable. It holds your moisture inside, making it damp inside. That in turn makes it hot. So if your cruising on your hog on a nice summer day, your going to start sweating on the inside and be hot as hell.

Also with no leather jacket vents your jacket acts like a big sail, with your back part of the jacket blown up like a balloon behind you. That hinders you and makes little kids point at ya! But with air vents placed just right, it allows your moisture to escape, and lets the air rushing from the front while your cruising to blow out of the vents.

That way your jacket stays in place on you and you have a cooling breeze going through you that keeps you cool and dry. So that’s why leather jacket air vents are only found on leather motorcycle jackets or other jackets you wear for riding a motorcycle. So where should these vents be, and should there be a screen?

The most common leather motorcycle jacket air vent is at the top of the back going horizontally across. That lets out all your sweat and lets the air hitting you in front while riding out the back of your jacket. However another common place is two vertical air vents on the back toward the sides.

Other places you can find leather jacket air vents are on the front top of the chest area, on the sleeves, armpits and anywhere on the middle to lower front jacket, going vertically or horizontally. Personally I think the air vents on the back do the best job.

Now most leather jacket air vents will have a screen built in on the inside. So when the vent unzips it opens a little, but then is held from spreading too wide by this screen sewn in. The screen stops bugs and dirt from falling into your jacket. It’s sort of like part of your inside jacket liner.

Most all leather motorcycle jacket air vents are zippered, and I prefer them that way. Some close by snaps, but not many. You don’t have to have the zipper a YKK one, but it’s nice. Check it and make sure it works right and does not bind. A quality leather jacket will have a quality zipper, and a cheap one will have one,,,,cheap!

So that’s what those air vents on leather jackets are for, to let your sweat escape, keep you cool and stop that big billowing in the back as you cruise down the road. If your getting any type of leather motorcycle jacket, make sure it has a few vents, or at least a big one in the back.

Also make sure they really work. I’ve seen cheap leather jackets that have a zipper for a vent, but when you unzip it, it’s just for looks with no opening! Talk about being vain and cheap! I hope this helps you when your looking for a quality leather motorcycle jacket. Happy cruising!

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