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Leather motorcycle saddle bags & more

leather motorcycle saddle bags

I hope everyone is having a good Memorial day weekend, grilling and chilling. Just don’t forget what it’s all about, the Veteran’s that make it possible for you to do whatever you want to do here freely. Well I’ve talked a lot about how leather is made and leather jackets, so today I’ll talk a bit about leather bags that are made for your motorcycle.

Now then, motorcycles don’t have much in the way of built in storage space, so there has been a lot of different types of bags that you can strap on, bolt on, tie on, throw on or however else you can manage to keep a bag or pocket on your bike. There are basically 5 different types of standard bags that fit on different parts of a motorcycle.

These are leather motorcycle saddle bags, motorcycle tool bags, leather sissy bar bags, windshield bags and leather motorcycle luggage or travel bags. Now they come in lots of different sizes and shapes, so you need to really measure your bike and pick what ones fit the best. Some places have bags made for different brands of motorcycles, but most are a “one size fits all” deal.

Now you may be asking yourself, if a leather jacket needs to be kept out of the rain, how can you make a leather bag made to stay on a motorcycle, exposed to all the elements? Well that’s because a leather bag is treated differently than a leather jacket. A leather motorcycle saddle bags are made of thick, rigid leather that has been tanned and treated differently than a leather jacket.

The bags are much thicker, and the leather is hard, making a solid formed pocket. The leather in a bag is much like the leather of a belt. It then is treated with a waterproofing. However you still should not let it get anymore wet than you have to. Use a cover for your bike when you have to let it set out in the rain, or drive it under a over hang.

Today you can find motorcycle bags in lots of different fabrics, not just leather. But it’s hard to beat the natural beauty and smell of real leather. Leather motorcycle saddle bags and others can be made with lots of designs; leather braiding, studs, fringes, conchos, beads, monograms and more. Lets take a look at the more common 5 types of motorcycle bags.

Leather motorcycle saddle bags
leather motorcycle saddle bags

In the old wild west days it was common to throw a saddle bag over the rear end of a horse to carry items in. They still do, but now they took that concept and made it for bikes. A leather saddle bag consists of two pockets, or bags attached to each other with a solid leather strap. You throw it over the back end of your motorcycle seat, letting the two bags ride on each side of the bike.

The leather motorcycle saddle bags are the most common and practical of all the bags. There are many ways to attach them, some slide under the seat, some tie down, some you can bolt down. That’s why you need to measure your bike and make sure the ones you are getting fit your bike. If you have a sport bike you may find a saddle bag just will not fit.

A leather motorcycle saddle bags often come with strap down tops, but they also can have snaps, zippers and even more than one compartment. You can buy them plain or with fancy fringe, conchos, studs and other designs. I use to airbrush designs & monograms on leather motorcycle saddle bags.

Leather motorcycle tool bags
leather motorcycle tool bags

Another common type of leather bag is the motorcycle tool bag. As the names implies they are often used for tools you would most commonly carry for your bike, but they can be used for anything. They are often wide and narrow, circular or rectangular. There are many places on a bike to attach them.

The base of the handlebars is common, but also they can attach to the sissy bar or somewhere on the side of the bike. Anywhere they can be tied or bolted down out of the way is good. When tying all these bags down make sure a loose strap or rope is not going to come undone and tangle in your chain or wheels, or your going to have some fun!

Leather motorcycle windshield bags
leather motorcycle windshield bags

The windshield bag is a small bag, made for smaller personal items, but can also carry tools. It often is tied up front at the base of your windshield if you have one, or the handlebars. It can close by straps, snaps or twist closures. I use mine for sunglasses, change and small crap like that!

leather sissy bar bag
leather motorcycle sissy bar bags

The leather sissy bar bag is a mid size leather bag that, surprise, is most often attached to the sissy bar. You can tie or bolt it to the front or back of the sissy bar. You also can attach it to the side of the bike or even the front, depending on how your bike is made. Like all the other bags it has a top that straps or snaps shut, and you can put lots of designs on it like studs and conchos.

Leather motorcycle luggage & travel bags
leather motorcycle travel / luggage bags

The leather motorcycle luggage or travel bags are the biggest ones made for motorcycles. They can be one big bag with several compartments, or two or more bags attached to each other. They are attached to the back of the bike, normally to the sissy bar. They can hold a lot of gear and are great for an extended trip.

Fully outfitted motorcycle with leather motorcycle bags

Above is a motorcycle with just about all the bags on it to give you an idea of how a fully outfitted bike looks. It still has a nice streamlined look, not overloaded. So that’s the most common type of bags for motorcycles. There are lots of other variations, including small bags that attach magnetically to the top of the tank.

So whether your just getting some leather motorcycle saddle bags or the whole outfit, leather bags add a lot of practical storage room on your bike. If you get several kinds make them match in design and it will really make your bike stand out. Just remember to measure and make sure those great leather motorcycle saddle bags are going to fit on your bike!

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