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Leather roses of all colors made for any occasion

leather rosesleather rosesleather roses

Pictures above from English Leather Rose website click here

I hope everyone had a nice Valentines day. Right after that day I thought about how you can buy leather roses and so I thought I’d make a post about that. I wish I had thought about it before Valentines Day! But hey, you can buy your sweetie leather roses anytime of the year. Now not all leather roses are made the same.

Making a leather rose is an art and is pretty much all hand made. Some can be crude, just loops of colored leather made into a strange looking rose. While others are done in a very beautiful way that really looks like a rose. The ones in the pictures here all are from a shop in the UK called English Leather Rose.

There are many here in the USA too, I just used English Leather Rose shop because I really like how they make their leather roses. Now I myself admit I don’t really know just what type of leather they use for leather roses. The leather looks thin, so I would say it’s lambskin or goatskin. However it could be cowhide split very thin.

Some are made of colored suede leather, but they just don’t look as good in my option. Suede is fuzzy and seems to detract from the overall look of the leather rose. Take a good look at those roses above, they are smooth and detailed, very true to a real rose. I think even the leaves are made of leather too.

leather roses

Picture above from English Leather Rose website click here

Not only can you get long stemmed leather roses, but at least at the English Leather Rose place you can even buy custom made wedding bouquets and arrangements in whatever color you want. They even have roses made with barbed wire for that goth or kink look. Leather roses come in any color, from black, red, white and whatever else you want.

Leather roses can last a lifetime if your careful. It’s best to keep them out of direct sunlight, so don’t stick them by a window. Keep them away from heat and don’t get them wet. Real roses only last a week or so, but leather roses last a lifetime. So next Valentines day give your sweetie a leather rose, or anytime!

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