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Leather skirt & shorts

leather skirts & shorts

Time for another leather post! Today I’ll talk a bit about women’s leather skirts and leather shorts. I think most guys will agree that a nice biker babe in a pair of leather skirts or leather shorts is a fine sight to see! Ladies like them cause they feel sexy and know they get attention.

Now with leather jackets you want a tough, thick leather. But for a leather skirt or leather short you want them very soft and flexible, so you want a thiner leather. Unlike jean shorts or other fabric skirts, leather does not mold well to the body or stretch. So you want the leather to be as soft and flexible as possible.

If they are too stiff they look horrible, sort of like wearing a pair of big diapers! You want them to be as form fitting as you can get them, which means making sure you get the right size. So just what type of leather and so on should a ladies leather skirt or short be?

Well for leather skirts or shorts it actually should NOT be full grain. A full grain leather will be too stiff and thick. It can be top grain that has had the rough spots sanded down, but that still is not necessary. A split grain leather will be softer, more flexible and still have plenty of strength.

As for what type of animal hide is best, you have a wide choice. For a pair of leather skirt or short that looks nice, is reasonably soft and smooth and is very strong, a split grain cowhide or pigskin works great. For even a more smoother and softer touch, you can go with a goat or sheepskin.

For leather skirts and leather shorts that are the smoothest, softest and most flexible, you can go with a lambskin one. Suede leather skirts and shorts are also popular, and are very soft and flexible. Now, there are many ways a leather skirt & short is made to better fit you and look good.

Some have an elastic waist for a tight fit. Some are slit on the sides with leather laces to make it form fitting, and it gives it a more sexy look. A lot have a zipper on the back, some have a zipper on the front. Some have snap buttons, others have nothing at all. To get a tight leather skirt you have to try the different ways they are made and find what fits you best.

Women’s Leather skirt and shorts also can have many designs on them. They may have a side buckle, studs, conchos, printed designs, leather braiding, belt loops, zipper sides and more. Some are real short that hang low, others fit higher and have a more modest length. You can find leather skirts that go down to just above the knee.

As for linings, there is a lot of different material they use. A lot are just the bare leather itself, as it’s smooth and soft. Others have a nylon or some other type of liner. A long leather skirt may even have a padded liner for warmth.

You want to try to get the best fit that you can with leather skirts and shorts. You don’t want them too big or they will have puffy, bulging areas; not very flattering on a biker chick! When you first get them they will be a bit stiff, but this will go away as you wear them and break them in. The longer you wear them the more they conform to your shape.

Make sure all the hardware is good quality, zippers and snaps on leather skirts and shorts have a lot of pressure put on them, you don’t want to bust that zipper going down the highway on your Harley! As for care and cleaning of leather skirts and leather shorts, use the same methods as I’ve talking about for leather jackets.

Put a leather protector on them, and leather conditioner. Don’t EVER put them in the washing machine, clean them by hand and let them air dry away from heat, then apply leather conditioner if they look dry. Don’t store them in plastic, hang them if you can, or store them folded flat.

Well that’s about everything I can think of as far as explaining how to buy, care for and clean your leather skirt or shorts. A quality womens leather skirt and shorts will last for years and really make you look like a million. Just make sure they fit real good, and don’t spill your beer on them!

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