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Leather Supreme 4th Of July Patriotic Sale!!

4th of July patriotic sale

Click here to see the patriotic patch category!!  

Good morning everyone this morning is underway here and a lot going on at the office as we are gearing up for the weekend ahead and the upcoming 4th of July week we are absolutely swamped with tons of work. But first off I wanted to stop in and tell everyone that we are having a 4th of July sale starting today for the next full week.

As you can see above I have displayed some of our popular patriotic patches that we have. All of our Patriotic biker patches that you can find in our patriotic biker patch category are going to be 15% percent off for this holiday season. So we have invited you to check out our entire selection of these types of patches. Maybe you are looking for something in particular for someone this 4th I would be sure to look here!

I am certain you will see something that you or your family may enjoy for this year’s holiday. Maybe this will help you get your family in a patriotic festive mood, with that being said we have pretty much any type of patriotic patch right here! So again starting today throughout July 8th, 2018 you can save 15% off anything in this particular category on your total purchase!

Please go ahead and take advantage of this week’s sale all you have to do is use the coupon code: PATRIOTIC4TH at checkout for everything you purchase in the patriotic biker patch category and proceed with your checkout process. Hope that all of you have a great holiday and Happy Shopping!


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