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Leather Supreme’s Men’s Charcoal Denim Cutoff Biker Shirts For Father’s Day!!

mens black twill shirt with patch

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Good Monday morning everyone, I hope that everyone had  great weekend and all. Now it is time to get back to the grind for us here at the office. I just wanted to stop by and display some really cool denim biker shirts for you all. I know with father’s day around the corner this upcoming weekend you might need a great gift idea for that special guy you are shopping for.

As you can see above I have pulled one of our black twill cutoff denim shirts with a very popular patch on the back of it. This particular one has a Support Our Troops patch on the back which is very symbolic to all served in our military. So if your dad was or is in the military this shirt might be something you are looking for. If not, again I have so many different patches that can be ironed on the back of either the charcoal or black twill style denim shirt.

Again, this particular black twill shirt has a patch ironed on the back of it as mentioned. However, you can also have any of our smaller patches ironed on the front by the left hand pocket also ironed on either the charcoal colored shirt as well as the twill black ones.

For example, any of our distressed flag patches or military ones would look great with or without the matching patch on the back, if it had a matching patch. Besides the patches, we also have numerous different types of designs you can have put on these shirts. Anything you can think of we more then likely have. The options are quite endless.

denim cutoff biker shirt with jester design

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The shirt above is one of our charcoal colored denim shirts with the latest jester design on the back. This design is very vivid and details and this guy has a lot of expression to him and his cards. It is a very eye catchy shirt and I personally think its one of the best ones we have for the men’s designs. Also, just like the patches some of the designs also have a smaller design that may go on the front as well. So keep an eye out for those types of designs too, it is another option we also have.

So anyways if you aren’t into this type of design there are so many others to choose from on this site from the military ones to animals to patriotic to just about anything you can think of. Again if you are looking for that great fathers day gift idea please look no further and click here to check out all of the shirts, there is something for everyone! You will be glad that you did! Happy Father’s Day and Happy Shopping!!

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