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Leather tanning process youtube video

HI everyone, once again I have been a bit behind on my post, sorry! This Friday I’m going to Universal Studios down here in Orlando. Should be a cool day, and the crowds right now are light. Anyway, I have a really neat youtube video on leather tanning.

Normally I post a youtube video just to fill in for when I have nothing to say!But this one is a really good one that is very informative. It shows the inside working of a very large leather tanning factory. Have you ever wondered just what the hell that machine looks like that splits leather hides in two?

Well you see them in action in this leather youtube video. I’m sure you’ve heard how leather hides are drum dyed and tanned right? Well this video shows those big drums in action, and they are about 20 feet tall!

It also shows other types of treatments that leather hides go through before they become a finished leather jacket. So check out this leather tanning youtube video and see what really goes on in a leather tanning factory!

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