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Men’s & ladies leather vest

Ladies leather vest

Hello again everyone. I thought I’d write a bit about leather vest today. Leather vest for men and women are close behind leather jackets in terms of being popular. Most people that have a leather jacket also own a leather vest or two. The reasons for wearing a vest are numerous.

mens leather vest For one, leather vest just look really nice! A good looking leather vest can make any outfit look better. Also a leather vest offers a bit of protection without being too hot. They can be made with a liner to keep you warm, and the leather acts as a windbreaker. Yet because your arms are open you don’t get too hot.

They are just right to wear in the fall, on cool days, or maybe just in the evening if you live where it gets cold at night. Of course people that live out in the country like modern day cowboys and cowgirls wear western leather vest all the time and are popular dress up wear for going out.

ladies fringe Indian leather vest As you can see here, you can make a leather vest very fancy, with lots of beads, conchos, leather fringe, bones and any color you want. This is a ladies Indian leather vest colored white. Now, because a leather vest is more for looks and maybe keeping warm, the leather does not have to be as heavy or strong as a leather jacket.

A leather vest can be made from many different animal hides. Cowhide is still the most common, but a leather vest can also be made from buffalo hide, pigskin, goatskin, sheepskin, lambskin and a few others. All of these are fine on a leather vest because it’s more of a look rather than practical thing.

ladies suede leather vest This is a ladies brown suede leather vest with fringes, feathers, beads and conchos. Notice how long it is; leather vest can be short, medium or long. There are many more designs and styles for women’s leather vest than men, again because of the style and dress up nature of leather vest. Brown leather vest are quite common.

Split leather is perfectly fine for leather vest, in fact it makes the vest lighter and softer, with a smoother feel to it. A lambskin vest is very soft and smooth, as are sheepskin leather vest. So if your vest is going to be worn mainly for looks any hide from the above mentioned animals are fine.

ladies fringe leather vest with concho This is a ladies short leather vest with a V shaped leather braid and fringe, with a leather braid in the middle and a concho inside that. Leather braids on vest are very popular, giving them a very nice look. Most leather vest have an inside liner of some type. Some just have a thin liner to make it smooth, while others have a thick, insulated liner to keep you warm.

A sheepskin shearling leather vest is very warm with the wool on the inside. Western fringe leather vest like in this picture are very popular. But for most biker types they prefer simple, plain leather motorcycle vest with maybe just a little braid pattern and pockets. That gets me to the subject of hardware for leather vest.

mens nickel snap leather vest Even though leather vest may not need the leather as rugged as in a leather jacket, you still want the hardware to be top quality. All snaps, zippers, buttons, conchos and anything else that is hardware should be made of stainless steel, brass, nickel or nickel plated or copper. If the hardware feels thin it will not last long.

Leather vest come with many different types of pockets, zippers and so on. Some zip up the front while others use snap buttons. Some use regular button holes to button up with. Some leather vest have collars, but most don’t. If you want a custom leather vest but can’t find what you want, buy a plain one and add on the decorations you want.

Leather vest come in many different colors, often with colored leather fringe. For men a logo on the back of their leather vest is popular. As for how to treat, store and handle your leather vest, use the same methods I have talked about for leather jackets. Store leather vest in a cool, humid free area, out of sunlight and not in a plastic bag.

Because of the many fringe, beads and other items on a leather vest hanging them up is preferred, otherwise you may get impression marks in the leather. Treat them with conditioner to keep them soft and not dry out. Taking care of your leather vest should make it last a very long time. So get a vest or two, and make yourself look sharp!

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