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Men’s leather bomber jacket, answers about leather bomber jackets

Mens leather bomber jacket

Very soon I’m going to be starting to carry men’s leather bomber jackets. I own several of them myself and love them. Let me explain just a bit about what a leather bomber jacket is and how it’s different from other leather jackets.

First a little history about why they are called bomber jackets. I may be wrong, but I think the term came from the leather jackets the airmen wore during world world II. The aircraft were bombers, and so the particular style of leather jacket they wore became known as leather bomber jackets. Correct me if I’m wrong. 😉

Leather bomber jackets are made to be very comfortable. They have a loose fit cut around the chest and body area so you can turn and bend easy with them on. The sleeves are a bit long also for the same reason.

A men’s leather bomber jacket comes down to the waist and normally has an elastic waist; some of them also have snaps to make the waist more snug. Leather bomber jackets never have tie sides.

The cuffs on a leather bomber jacket often have snaps you can use to make them snug, however others are just plain. Very rarely do you see zippered cuffs on a bomber jacket.

Mens leather bomber jacket

The collar on bomber jackets are the normal classic type that you can stand up to protect more of your face in bad weather. If it has a racer type of collar it’s not a true classic leather bomber jacket.

If you get a leather bomber jacket with shearling sheep wool as the liner, often the collar is also lined on the outside with the shearing. In this case the collar is a bit bigger but still the classic style that you can stand up.

Bomber jackets never have air vents. They are not made for riding a motorcycle, although you can and many do. In fact long ago it was the normal type of leather jacket to ride bikes until the classic motorcycle leather jacket style came out.

The front of a leather bomber jacket can have a zipper opening, snap buttons or both. Often they have a zipper, then a flap that closes over it with snap buttons. For a cleaner, sleeker look choose the type with just a zipper and no flap.

For pockets you can find many different kinds. Some have inside pockets, others don’t. Most have two open side pockets. Some have two front pockets with top flaps low on the jacket. Hardly ever do you see top chest pockets on them.

mens shearling sheepskin leather bomber jacket
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Finally we come to the liner for leather bomber jackets. You can find many different types of liners, both built in and zip out style. The basic ones just have the bare leather liner. Then others have just a nylon or other finished type of inside liner.

The warmest type of bomber jackets have shearling sheep wool liners. They are very warm but not practical for summer or fall use because they get hot. They are toasty for winter use however and look great.

Still other leather bomber jacket have some type of synthetic, man made liners to keep you warm, like thinsulate. Zipout liners often are made with these and is the type I will be carrying.

I prefer zip out liners myself. That way you can wear your leather bomber jacket on cool summer or fall evenings without being too hot. Then use the liner when it gets cold in the winter. All the ones I will carry have full, through the sleeve liners, not just vest style.

Leather bomber jackets can be found made with many different types of leather. Cowhide, buffalo and pigskin leather bomber jackets all are tough and look great. Goatskin and sheepskin are also used but they are not as long lasting as the others I mentioned.

Bomber jackets are stylish enough to look good in most settings while being tough enough to use on a motorcycle or at work. Many get several different styles and wear them in different circumstances.

So if you love wearing leather, your wardrobe is not complete without a good looking leather bomber jacket! Most are reasonably priced too, about the same or less than a normal motorcycle jacket.

I’ll be adding a few different men’s leather bomber jacket styles soon. If you don’t see them in my store soon, shoot me an email and tell me to get my ass in gear! As always feel free to ask me anything about leather bomber jackets, or anything at all. 🙂

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