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More leather information pages added

What’s going on everyone? I wanted to let you all know that I added a shipping, payment and returns page. I also added a privacy policy page too. So now I’m about ready to start adding my leather jackets, chaps and all the other leather apparel and items I will have in my leather store. Looks a bit funny to see those pages and no store!

But it all takes time, I’m working on 5 other sites, plus I have my regular writing job! I tried to make the shipping, payment and returns page very easy to understand by posing each answer as a question, like “do you ship outside the USA”? Which by the way, I don’t. I ship inside the USA by UPS. But if you have a P O Box I will ship your order by USPS. Shipping is free.

I spelled everything out in there for shipping. For the payment information I explained how I accept all credit cards, bank debit cards and paypal. Now, paypal is what I use for a merchant account. They are the ones that process the cards. But you do NOT have to have a paypal account. You just fill in your card information and they process it, simple as that.

For returns I explained all the details and what you have to do. No you don’t need to fax in your drivers license and fill out a 24 page form! All of it is pretty simple and fair. For my privacy policy, that was real easy! Since Paypal processes your card, I never have any of your account information. All I have is your name and address and email.

I’m not going to sell them or share them. Anything I have is going to stay right with me. So you can stop worrying about getting email spam from me or someone I shared with, cause I’m not! So, take a look at them and tell me if anything is wrong or if you have any questions. I put a contact form in each page for you. Now I’ll start adding my leather jackets and other leather items, look for them soon!

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