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My first leather apparel youtube videos

My my have I been busy! Last weekend I finally got together with my friend and made about 6 videos with her modeling the leather apparel. I’m disappointed in how they came out. I thought I had enough light, but these had to be brightened up in the editor.

As a result they are washed out and don’t show the detail I wanted. I also still have not figured out how to add songs to the video. So they don’t have any sound, except for cars going by outside!

But they are not bad for my first time inside shooting. I take great shots outside, it’s the inside shots I have to learn. Maybe I can have my model walk around outside sometime.

My friend is a real cutie as you can see, and she was a good sport to do this for me. This was her first time modeling for video, so we both were learning as we went. All in all not bad for a first time.

I’ll post more in my youtube channel and hope to have many down the road. Plus I’ll embed them in my leather product pages so you can see how they really look. Check out my Leather youtube channel for all my videos, and subscribe and friend me there if you have a youtube account! 😉

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