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New apprciation for leather jackets for warmth

Leather jackets for warmth

Well everyone I’m in Vermont taking my vacation. At the last minute I decided not to bring my leather jacket, thinking it would be hot and I’d never use it. Boy was I wrong!

Having lived in Florida so long I sometimes forget just how nice a warm leather jacket is to keep you toasty. Now those thin fashion leather jackets don’t, those are cold.

But a quality leather jacket with a thinsulate liner inside really does a good job at keeping you warm. The leather makes a fantastic wind breaker, keeping out the wind.

Then the liner traps your heat inside so your warm. Up here in Vermont it’s been windy, overcast and cool; perfect for a warm leather jacket. I really, really wish I had brought mine!

I forgot how even in the summer the evenings get cool, and there are plenty of days that get windy and cold here in Vermont. So a leather jacket is good for all year long up here.

Anyways I’ll be back in a few days. Then I’ll dig into my work again. If you need a warm jacket, get a leather jacket with a zip out liner, you can use it all year long up in the north! 🙂

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