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New colored leather jackets and vest, would you buy them?

colored leather jacketscolored leather jacketscolored leather jackets

colored leather jacketscolored leather jacketscolored leather jackets

Now that the new year is here I’m making plans to build up my little leather apparel site here with more items. One thing I’ve been asked a lot is if I will carry different colors of leather jackets.

Well yes, I can carry all the different ones you see here, plus lots more. However before I do that I’d like to know if anyone will actually buy them! I do plan on making a full leather vest category as well as leather chaps and pants.

I also can start carrying leather saddlebags, toolbags and so on. But I’d really like to know what you all think of these colored and stylish leather jackets here in this post.

Would you, or someone you know, like any of these? Are they something you would buy if you were shopping for one and wanted one? Or are they too plain or just not what you’d buy yourself?

colored leather jacketscolored leather jacketscolored leather jackets

I have many others I can get, in all different kinds of colors. The ladies leather jackets I can get in a dozen or so different colors and very trim and fit looking styles.

Take my poll below and help me out by voting if you like any of these leather apparel items here, or no. Ooops, I had a poll on here but the damn thing is not working!

Well, if you have the time how about leaving me a comment here then? Just let me know if these leather items you see here are anything you would buy. Thanks! 🙂


  1. I would buy them, especially if you can get PURPLE!!!