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New Ladies 2021 Sturgis Bike Rally Designs!!!

ladies 2021 sturgis asphalt angel wings tee

Ladies 2021 Sturgis Bike Rally Tees!! 

Hello there everyone this is Leather Babe I am going to be writing about some new ladies 2021 Sturgis Bike Rally designs we have in stock and ready to order!! I know it has been a little while since our last Bike Event, this event isn’t local but I am excited to be talking about the newest designs for it.

I think that if you are a lady and into all sorts of biker events you will enjoy sporting these stunning designs around to your friends and family!!

As you can notice above, this is one of our popular women’s biker design with lots of vibrant pink and silver colors. This design includes the angel wings with motorcycle in the middle with bold lettering saying “Asphalt Angel.” It has such amazing details throughout this lovely ladies biker t-shirt you can’t go wrong!

This shirt also includes a small motorcycle design on the front to match in white. You will definitely enjoy wearing this lovely design out and about in front of anyone! If this don’t interest you then we have more to offer so take a look at the other design below…….

ladies 2021 sturgis goth girl tee

Ladies 2021 Sturgis Bike Rally Gothic Girl T-shirt


This T-shirt design above is similar to the ladies 2021 Sturgis bike rally design previously mentioned in the last paragraph. However it may be more your style if you are into the darker designs like the goth or gothic pieces most biker ladies enjoy.

This specific design has lots of detail. It is very intriguing with the goth girls expression on her face to the rose in her hair, very breathtaking of an image.

This design also comes with a matching front design in in red that includes a motorcycle and the lettering for 2021 Sturgis Black Hills Bike Rally.

Another design I would love to show off is a little different either men or women love to support our great nation so this design listed below is more of a patriotic feel click below to check it out…..

ladies 2021 sturgis stand for the flag tee

Ladies 2021 Sturgis Stand For The Flag Tee!!

This design is amazing red, white and blue all around!! People will be turning heads to get a good look at it. This t-shirt has many details just like the others from the wings to the cross and the touching saying.

This design comes with a matching motorcycle design on the front left in the color red. You will absolutely enjoy any of these new ladies 2021 Sturgis Bike Rally designs if you want something a little different just click on the link and search for more!!



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