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New Look, New Life for Leather Supreme!

New Leather Supreme look

Hey everyone, Bill the leather man is back! It’s been quite some time since I made a post here. Why you may ask, where ya been? Well I’m still here in Orlando, Florida. My site has been in biz all this time, but it was getting outdated. Okay very outdated!

I was still using PayPal buttons for checkout. The theme was not mobile friendly so it looked like hell on a phone. I just never had time to fix it up right,,, until now. I made a cool biker patch site plus a military patch site.

Those I used something called WooCommerce. It’s a great shopping cart system and I got a matching theme that works well with it and looks great on phones. So once I got those done I started working on this site.

I did not want to just make it look better. I wanted to add a lot more biker items and unique motorcycle stuff. Plus I wanted a real checkout page that customers could use cards as well as PayPal and stay right on my site for safety.

So now everything looks and works much better. It’s easy to see all the details on the items with the new pictures and zoom function. You can select your size and other options easy, then put it in the cart.

Once your ready to checkout the page is using a secure SSL line so all your info is safe and secure. Unless you use the PayPal option, which takes you to PayPal to finish the checkout.

Otherwise you fill everything out on one single page and hit the order button. Everything gets processed right there, you never leave my site. Easy, quick and secure, I like that!

As always I still have free shipping on everything in the whole store for orders inside the USA. International orders vary depending on what you buy. But it’s always a set fee, so the more you buy the more you save.

I’ve added all my high quality, unique biker patches from my patch sites in here. Plus biker jewelry, more styles and colors of leather jackets, vest and shirts. Plus denim vest and jackets, biker tees and sleeveless biker shirts with cool designs.

I have a ton of other biker products I’m working on. Many very unique with cool designs and new items you’ll want to check out. All coming very soon, I promise!

I also promise to write a lot more post regularly now. Plus I have a hot little office helper, Kerry. She will be writing a lot of new articles for you all and helping make sure I get your orders out fast!

So welcome to the new look of Leather Supreme. Check out all the categories and see what’s new. Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks! 🙂

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