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New Men’s And Women’s Cellphone Case Holders!!!

Women's rhinestone lady rider biker phone case

Get your ladies purse style cellphone case holder today!!!  

Good Monday morning everyone I hope that you all are having a splendid morning thus far. It was a quick but a delightful weekend for all of us here hope you all enjoyed as well now back to the grind of a new week. I have some awesome new items to display for you today, these are pretty incredible and can be used for any type of IPhone or Android phone you may have.

This particular one above is a Ladies purse style cell phone case and credit card holder. You can get this particular case either plain or with any of our beautiful embroidered patches or rhinestone designs heat pressed on it. These ladies cases have cool features as well, for example it has the main zipper that holds your smart phone, and a smaller velcro pocket that holds your credit card and cash.

Ladies Harley Quinn crossbones patch phone case

Click here to get your ladies belt style cell phone case now!!

We also have another women’s style cell phone case holder, which is a unique belt style. Just put it on through the belt loop that’s located on the back to slide it on any type of belt. Like I mentioned for the other case this one also has a main pocket for your smart phone and a smaller velcro one in the front for your cash and cards.

This rugged ladies case also comes in plain or with any of our beautiful embroidered patches heat pressed on it the option is up to you. All of these lovely cell phone cases are water resistant and it is made of neoprene, which is the same material wet suits are made of! Pretty cool right?

All of these cases are perfect for any kind of sporting event, concert, club, party, hiking, beach or just about anywhere. Beats having to carry a heavy purse around and leaving it somewhere when all you need is a few things for the day.

I think any of my ladies can agree to that! You can even put a lipstick in either of the pockets as well, I have used it myself when I went to the convention center and it was a big help! Definitely was less of a hassle of lugging an everyday purse around!

Mens phone case with patriotic eagle patch design

Men’s cell phone case click here!!

As you seen up above both styles of the ladies cell phone cases, we also have one for men’s. This one is a Men’s belt style cell phone case, which comes in either plain or with a nice embroidered patch that is heat pressed on. Again has a main zippered pocket for cell phone and front velcro pocket for cash and credit cards.

It also has a sturdy belt loop on the back to slide your belt through. Beautiful neoprene material that is water resistant. So don’t be afraid if somehow water gets on it nothing will happen! This case is very durable and makes those trips just about anywhere that much easier and hands-free.

All ladies cases and men’s cases measures around 4 inches wide by 7 inches long. So if you are interested in an easier way of traveling get yours today!! Just go ahead and click on either link for your preference and get one or two today!! Happy Shopping to all of you.

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