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New Men’s Denim Vest With Cool Biker, Patriotic Designs On Them!

Men's black denim vest with biker designs on them
Check out our new denim vest with biker designs on them now!

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great 4th of July. I wanted to let you all know we added a new category in the men’s vest section. It’s called “Designed Denim Vest”. In there you will find our new creation; quality denim vest with cool biker, patriotic and military designs on them.

As you may know I heat press biker designs on tee shirts and denim biker shirts. They look so good on the denim biker shirts it got me thinking; why not put them on denim vest? So I tried out a few and the results were great!

I almost never see denim biker vest with designs made right on them. You see patches on them of course, but hardly ever any real designs right on them. Well, now you can, since I’m starting to put them on a few select denim vest. Let me explain why I picked the vest I am putting them on.

I wanted the vest to be very high quality with a soft, dense type of denim. Some denim vest are stiff with rough threads. Putting designs on those would result in the artwork to bleed too far into the denim, resulting in a faded look with spots you can see between the colors.

I recently started to carry items from Daniel Smart. They have very high quality apparel and their denim vest are fantastic. The denim is smooth and soft with a dense thread count. They have a plain sided and side lace style vest with full backs made for patches. That also happens to be best for putting designs on.

The denim is soft and dense so the designs grip the threads very well, while at the same time not going too far into the threads to make it fade or look cracked. They look great and will last a very long time; longer than a design on a tee shirt.

These men’s black denim vest have two outside zippered pockets, an inside cell phone pocket and two inside concealed carry pockets with elastic pistol holders that close with not one but two snaps. They have a satin inner liner.

They also have a snap button front with very well made snaps that will last a long time. The fit is very good; overall the best made denim vest I have seen. I feel good about putting my designs on these high quality vest.

Right now as I’m writing this I only have the plain side vest listed with only half of my designs. But soon I will have the side lace style vest also listed with my designs on them. I’m adding more designs every week. Each month I add 10-20 new biker, patriotic and military designs to my store.

I’m also going to make a new category where you can buy these vest with my big back patches on them. In fact anytime you want feel free to email me about making you a custom vest with a patch or design on the back or front, or both.

Anyways go ahead and check out the men’s black denim vest with my biker, patriotic and military designs on them. Like I said I’m adding more each day and soon will have the side lace style vest. Any questions please shoot me an email. Thanks! 🙂

Check out our new denim vest with biker designs on them now!

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