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New Native American Eagle, Steer Dreamcatcher Embroidered Patches!

Silver eagle native American dreamcatcher biker patch

Check out this new eagle dreamcatcher patch today!! 

Good afternoon everyone hope that you all are enjoying this wonderful Tuesday! Today I would love to talk about some new Native American biker patches we just got in this week! These patches are really unique and eye catchy. To all our shoppers out there who love to collect native American items these may be the type of patches you would like to add to your biker wardrobe!

As you can see the eagle dreamcatcher style patch above is lovely in design and detail. This particular patch has our American bald eagle head peaking over a dreamcatcher with nice feathers hanging at the bottom. This patch has lots of color coordinated within the middle of the dreamcatcher and into the feathers.

This patch comes in two different sizes. The larger size patch measures 9 inches wide by 12 inches high. It is a really good size patch that would cover the back of any biker jacket, denim vest or denim shirt that you may have. It would definitely draw some attention when wearing it around!

The smaller size patch measures around 3.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches high. This lovely patch you can put on just about anything from the front pocket of any biker denim shirt or jacket to totes, bags, hand bags, suitcases any other small item you can think of! It would look great on just about any miscellaneous item you own.

If you are highly interested in this patch I just showcased for you or are just simply interested in anything Native American related we have what you are looking for again you can click the link here to see the above patch or click here to see all of our inventory of Native American Indian patches today!

Lastly, before I go I do have one more Native American patch to show you today if you are looking for something we have not had that’s a little bit different from the above patch. This patch below is still a very unique patch and some people may be into this style a little bit more since it is very popular among the Native American background and heritage, see below:

Native American steer headdress motorcycle biker patch

Check out this Steer Headdress Tomahawks patch now!!


As you can see above this style Native American Steer Headdress Tomahawks patch has a unique look and is very traditional. This patch has the headdress over the Steer head with feathers on each side with two tomahawk axes underneath with lots of detail again to another exquisite patch. Just like most of our patches it comes in two sizes.

The large measures 9.25 inches wide by 11.25 inches high, our medium size measures nearly 3 inches wide by 3.75 inches high. As you know all of our patches are high quality and you can’t go wrong, they can  either be sewn on or iron on so go ahead and check them out you will be glad you did!!!

So again if you are interested in these two unique patches, they are definitely hard to find anywhere else. Go ahead and get yours today! Check them out now by clicking those links!!  Of course go ahead and also  check out the other Native Indian patches we have in stock as I mentioned earlier as well. I hope that all of you have a great Tuesday afternoon and Happy Shopping from Leather Supreme!!

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