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New Stainless Steel Bike Chain Biker Jewelry Made In USA!

Ladies bike chain bracelet jewelryCheck out our beautiful ladies bike chain bracelets here!

Time to showcase more of my new biker items! If you have read some of my last post you know I’ve recently changed my whole site to a new look and added lots more items. Kerry, aka Leather Babe is working with me to get this site looking it’s best and adding more products.

One of the new biker accessories I’m happy to add is top quality stainless steel bike chain biker bracelets in both men and ladies styles. I get them right here in the USA. They all come in a leather pouch, which is also made right here in the USA.

I stamp my own Leather Supreme logo on them; pouch colors can vary. I have a mix of black, brown, light brown, tan and green. I try to mix them up so you never know what color you might get. I suppose down the road I should stick with black, as that is what most prefer.

These bike chain bracelets are made of the highest grade 316L stainless steel; will not rust, turn color or tarnish. You can’t get an allergic reaction to them either. Many of the ladies bracelets come with clear or colored crystals, single or double rows.

Most also come with a .25 long extension so you can make them a bit longer if you have to. The best way to figure your size is wrap a string around your wrist. Then add 1 inch to that measurement. Not all come with an extension, each one will say if they do or not.

Men's biker chain braceletCheck out the men’s bracelets here!

These bike chain bracelets are top quality made, not the cheap China crap. Right now I have a limited selection and sizes. But I’m working on getting more styles and sizes, it all cost money ya know!

I hope to add a full line of biker rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants and much more. Anyways check out what I have so far, I’m sure you’ll like them. Any questions as always shoot me an email. Thanks! 🙂


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