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Newly Added Biker Patches At Leather Supreme!!!

second amendment patches

Click here to see all of our large size patches today!!

Hey good morning everyone, how’s everyone doing? I am doing well in fact I just wanted to take some time out to tell you a little bit more about the brand new site today. Unlike our old site we have added a new category to our menu.

As you can see not only do we have Men’s and Women’s leather and biker apparel and jewelry now we also carry a patch category on Leather Supreme! We are totally excited to have added this I hope all of you will enjoy shopping around for all types of patches.

If you noticed the picture above, this is a popular large size patch that you can find in the large patch category and it is also a 2nd Amendment, military type style patch. We have all different types of patches here at Leather Supreme! Anything and everything from different sizes, styles and even saying type patches.

lady rider patches

Here you will see all of the ladies patches!!

Aside from the military style patch that I showcased at the top we also carry a big selection of lady biker patches as well. We pretty much carry any style and girly like patch you can think of from regular type style patches or rocker patches the choices are completely endless!

Long list of lady rider patches you may see are ones that are really pink in color, some lady rider patches with bling bling, saying patches of course or even things like breast cancer awareness and ribbon patches! You will definitely find something on this site for the biker babe in your life!

We also have a lot of cool standard common patches for the rugged men out there aside from the military like patches and things of that nature will also have a fairly big category for skull and pirate patches which are pretty popular for the recent biker crowd these days. Within that category you will find patches from pirate skull patches to regular skull patches and even sugar skulls.

Most of these patches again like I mentioned also come in multiple sizes and can also be iron on or sewn it is really up to your preference! These patches are also high quality and will not get damaged, they consist of a heavy twill backing that withstands just about any type of conditions. So go ahead and check out the new patch category everyone, I hope that you all enjoy!!

skull patches

Click here to see all of our skull patches now!

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