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Not much demand for pigskin leather jackets?

Pigskin leather jackets

My little leather site here ranks high in Google for many key words. In fact, if you type in “pigskin leather jacket” you will see I’m the first and second link that comes up, if you disregard the sponsor payed links. In fact now that I’m writing this post about it, I’ll really be up there for that word. 😉

So, you would think that I would get lots of traffic coming in here, looking for pigskin leather jackets. I should be getting a lot of people asking me where my pigskin leather jackets are, right?

Also, I can see in my stats what key words are typed in to find me. So you would think that pigskin leather jacket or jackets would really be up there, right? Well you’d be wrong, amazingly enough.

The true is, not many people seem to be looking for a pigskin leather jacket. I bet I only get around two dozen hits a month from that key phase. That makes me wonder why not many seem to be looking for them.

Pigskin hide is a very tough, durable, soft and good looking leather. I have a pigskin leather jacket and I love it. Some say they smell, but only if they are not properly treated. A quality pigskin hide will not smell of anything but the leather smell all tanned hides smell like.

I have to admit I don’t carry any pigskin leather jackets in my store. But that’s only because my leather wholesaler I buy from does not carry them. I’m going to search around and find some places that do carry them, and sell them in here.

Pigskin also makes beautiful fashion leather jackets. They are soft, smooth and have a shine to them due to the smoothness of the grain. So, if you never thought of getting a pigskin leather jacket, take a look at them. I highly recommend them. Hopefully soon you can see them in my site here!

2 thoughts on “Not much demand for pigskin leather jackets?

  1. I am taking a shot in the dark here. I am trying to figure out how to solve a couple of problems. Getting rid of a lot of the wild pigs that are destroying crops and ranchlands in the southern US; and getting their pork in the bellies of the hungry.

    So I was looking for someone that sells pigskin apparel to see if you know who might be interested in taking the wild pig skins, tanning it and turning it into clothing so that some of the revenue can be used for running what I currently call “Pork for the Poor” program.

    Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Gary. Almost all companies that sell leather apparel buy the finished products overseas. There are a few USA tanneries but not many. You would pretty much have to sell the hides to a tannery company. Then they in turn sell the hides to various places. So I would try looking up USA tanneries or USA leather hides online and see what you find. Good luck. 🙂

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