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Obama should have worn a leather coat

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I just wanted to make a quick post today. Talking about the new president is a bit off topic, but hey, it’s a big deal so why not. Besides, it’s my site! The weather at the inaugural was a bit cold, so he had on a long coat of some type. It looked good, but I think a long leather coat or trench coat would have looked cool with him wearing it!

It would have really cut that wind that was blowing too. So Obama is our 44th president now, and the first ever black president. Actually he has a bit of a few races in him, biracial. Love him or hate him, he’s it for another 4 years. I myself like how he keeps a calm, steady demeanor about him. He does not seem to get rattled up too easy.

I’ve been reading all the different takes on him from lots of different sites. Most seem to like him and think he will do a great job. Others think we have all lost our minds and it’s the end of the world. Well, time will tell for all of us I guess. Myself, I think for the most part he will try to do the best he can do.

He knows everyone is watching him and waiting to see what he will do. He knows those who don’t like him are ready to pounce as soon as he screws up. However I also think many expect too much of him. He’s not superman, he’s the president. He still has to follow the rules of government and so on.

Even the best person for the job can only do so much. There are checks and balances in place so no one man can abuse it. So that’s good if he’s a bad president, and limits him if he’s a good one. Overall I think he will bring change, and hopefully most of it will be for the better. I’m going to ask him if he will start wearing a long leather coat so everyone will want to buy one, thereby stimulating the economy! 😉

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