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Popping in to say hi & what’s new at leather supreme

Wow, it sure has been a long time since my last post! Well I have a good reason for it. My last post I made was just after I got back from Bike week in Daytona Beach. Right after that, all hell broke loose! My computer crashed, which is a big deal for me since I work on the net. At the same time my truck wore out the front brakes.

So I had a few days of frantically trying to get my computer fixed. Turned out it was the motherboard, which basically means in my case it was cheaper to just buy a new one. Then I fixed my front brakes, only to find I could not get the bleeder screw loose! So I drove down the road hoping I could “pump” the air out. Yeah, so now I know that does not work!

Anyway somehow by doing that I blew a hole right in the back brake line! I was about close to tears by then! So the next day I fixed that, don’t ask me how, lets just say I hope it last for a little while. I then spent a few days getting all my old information off my old hard drive on my computer into my new one.

Half of that the new windows vista operating system does not “see”, so I am still having problems. So, that’s what my life has been like the past few weeks! Things are a lot better right now, at least I can work on my new computer and can drive my truck, just not very far! So if your having a tough time, your not alone.

Anyways I wanted to let anyone who reads this site know that I’m still around, still selling leather and will soon start making semi-regular post again. I need to get a lot more leather products in my store and spiff it up a bit. Hope everyone is doing as best as they can in these troubling times and look for more post soon, hopefully ones with better news!! 😉

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