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Racer or scooter leather jackets

difference between scooter or racer leather jackets and motorcycle jackets

So just what is the difference between a motorcycle jacket and a scooter or racer style leather jacket? They both cost about the same, so that’s not it! They both are made for riding a motorcycle, and they both are made to protect you from the road and elements. I already made a post describing how a motorcycle leather jacket is designed and why they are shaped the way they are.

So if you want to read that one, click here for how a motorcycle leather jacket is designed. Now the scooter or racer style leather jacket is the same. Some call them a scooter jacket, mostly in the UK. The people in the USA often call them a racer jacket. The main reason for the difference in style is the type of motorcycle being rode and the type of person that rides those bikes!

Picture a big Harley cruiser bike. Normally you think of an older rider, maybe in his forties and up, sitting straight up or slightly back and enjoying the ride wearing his big motorcycle jacket. Now think of a younger hotshot riding his Nina performance bike. He’s leaned way forward, moving his body a lot as he zips around traffic and showing off. Two very different types of riders, and two different types of bikes.

For riding on a cruiser type of motorcycle where you sit up straight, on long trips and so on, the classic motorcycle leather jacket is the first choice. But if you ride a performance type of motorcycle where your leaned forward, want to look good to the chicks and all that, then the scooter or racer leather jacket is more suitable.

The racer or scooter leather jacket is more stream lined and form fitting, better for when your leaned over the bike. It does not bunch up in front when your leaning forward, unlike the way a classic motorcycle jacket would. You look better too, in the sense of having a more stylish look. That does not mean much to an older biker, but does to the young hot rods!

Another big difference is the collar. The scooter or racer leather motorcycle jacket has a round, thin collar that snaps tight around the neck. Again that’s so you can move around better if your leaned forward and shifting your body around. Snapping it up tight keeps the wind off your neck too. Most also come with front and back vents.

The body of the leather jacket also is made a little longer. Once again that is because as you lean forward your jacket creeps up more, so a longer jacket keeps your lower back covered. They also often have padding built into the arms, side and back, but not all of them. So it’s all about moving more freely and easily, while looking sharp.

So if you ride a classic cruiser or low rider type of motorcycle where you sit up straight or leaned back, and/or do long rides, a classic style motorcycle leather jacket will be more to your liking. But if you ride a performance bike or scooter, leaning forward and moving around a lot, plus want to look sweet for the chicks, then a racer or scooter leather jacket might be what you want.

I will have leather racer and scooter jackets in my store in a week or two. They have air vents, zip out thinsulate liners, YKK zippers and some have padding. Cost is about the same as the classic style leather jackets. So think about what type of motorcycle you ride, and get the type of leather jacket that’s right for you!

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