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Should you buy a leather jacket as a gift?

leather jackets as a gift

With the holidays here, many people are thinking about buying their husband, wive, son or friend a leather jacket. The question is, is buying them a leather jacket a good idea? Why not you may ask. Well in a lot of cases it is a good idea and I’m sure they will be very happy with it. However for a lot of people, a leather jacket is a personal thing.

What I mean is, for the real biker who is looking to get a new leather motorcycle jacket, he has an idea of what he wants. Maybe he wants air vents on the back, or maybe on the sides. Perhaps he wants to get laces on the side, or he wants to get one this time with a zip out liner. There are lots of things a person may want in a leather jacket you don’t know about.

So unless your hubby has pointed to a leather jacket and said “see this, that leather jacket is what I want, in a size 56”, maybe you might want to pick him out something else. Now, if you want to get your wife a warm winter leather fashion coat and you know she would be thrilled to get any type of leather coat, then go ahead.

Or maybe your man has a leather motorcycle jacket but you know he always wanted to get a leather bomber jacket and you know just the right one for him. In that case I’d say go ahead. But most of the time picking out a leather motorcycle jacket for a guy or girl is a personal decision that is best left up to them, as only they know just what they want. Just my 2 cents. 😉

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