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Small leather items that make good gifts

leather items that make good gifts

In my last post I was saying how maybe getting someone a leather jacket might not be such a great idea, since it’s so personal. But today I’ll tell you about leather items that do make great gifts. There’s a lot of small items for the motorcycle or for yourself made of leather that are great gifts and not too expensive.

A leather purse is one item, that would be for a girl of course! You can find many styles and colors, along with many sizes. While were talking about leather gifts for a woman, another leather gift could be leather ponytail holders. You also can find leather waist pouches, leather backpacks and leather shoulder bags.

For more unisex leather gifts, we have leather cup holders for the motorcycle, leather cigarette cases, leather cell phone holders, leather cigarette lighter cases, lots of different types of leather hats and more. Leather gloves are also a good gift item if you know what style they like. I don’t think leather boots are a good gift, you really need to know the size and style they want.

There are many leather accessories you can get for the motorcycle that does not cost too much. Leather tool bags, leather handle bar covers, leather tank covers, motorcycle bells and maybe saddlebags or travel bags. So you can see that there are many leather items out there you can get for a gift.

The more you know the person the better you know what to get them. A leather vest, leather shirt or leather pants could be good too, if you know them well enough to really know the style they would want. As for a wife or girlfriend, you can never go wrong with leather shorts or a leather bikini!!! 😉

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