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Spring cleaning your leather jacket and motorcycle leathers

Leather jacket spring cleaning

Down here in Florida biker weather is year round. But for much of the USA people put their leather motorcycle jackets, saddle bags and biker leather away for the winter. With spring coming up it’s a good time to get out that leather and get it ready.

It also cheers you up as you can think of riding again! If you’ve kept your leather jacket and leather items in a cool, aired out place and you cleaned it before putting it away chances are you don’t have to do a thing to it.

But,,,, if you threw it in a pile last fall, left it dirty thinking you’ll get around to cleaning it, or it’s been hanging over a heater, chances are you need to do a few things to it if you want it to last.

Hang it up and check it out. Do you see mildew or spots growing on it? Does it look really dry or brittle? Does it seem discolored? If yes to any of these things you need to work on it. If not it may just fall apart on you before the summer is up.

I already have made many helpful post about how to clean and condition leather jackets. I also have post on how to treat mildew on leather jackets and so on. So if you see mildew on it, type mildew in the search box in the left sidebar here.

If it needs cleaning, type that in, conditioning the same. Basically whatever you need to do or need an answer for, type in the main key word in the search box and an article will come up about it.

After a long winter it will be nice to work on that leather jacket, thinking about going for a cruise on your bike soon. Getting your biker leathers in shape now means they are ready for you when that first perfect day comes for a ride! 🙂

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    which leather jacket is safest for riding and what should be its thick ness,

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