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suede leather cleaner, how to clean suede leather

Suede leather cleaner

Many people search online for suede leather cleaner, so it would seem like many people don’t know how to clean suede leather. Or they want to find a suede leather cleaner that will clean up their suede leather items.

How do you clean suede leather? Well first you need to understand that suede leather is the split part of leather hide that has not been sanded smooth. Because of this is it very soft with an almost fuzzy feel to it.

Unfortunate that fuzzy surface picks up dirt a lot better than a smooth one. Also the suede fibers can discolor easy from liquids, even plain water. So many people have suede leather apparel and items that need a suede leather cleaner.

You can try cleaning suede leather yourself if it’s a small stain. Make sure the suede is dry, then rub the area with a towel or washcloth. Take a clean pencil eraser and gently rub the area with it.

Basically your trying to rub out small suede fibers that have the stain in them. You can also try some white vinegar on a clean damp washcloth. Rub the area with the mixture, then let it dry. Fluff the area with a clean cloth and see if it looks better.

But for body oil stains, large stains and just plain hard to clean stains, a suede leather cleaner is your best bet. These cleaners are made for suede leather so they will not discolor it or leave a residue.

The suede leather cleaner penetrates the suede fibers and takes the stain away from it. Make sure you follow the instructions very closely and always be gentle with your rubbing. It’s easy to rub a clear, shiny or bald spot in your nice suede leather!

Actually it’s best to take your suede leather item to a dry cleaner that knows how to clean suede leather. They will know the best way to clean it and you will not be mad at yourself for ruining your item!

But if you really want to clean it yourself there are many suede leather cleaner products out there. So where do you find suede leather cleaners? Well chances are you can see some ads for them right above in this post, or at the top of this page.

However you also can find them in Amazon, they have several great suede leather cleaner products, like NuBuck leather cleaner. Good leather shops also should carry some suede leather cleaner products. Sorry, I don’t carry any here, wish I did!

I hope that helps a bit about how to clean suede leather apparel and items. Suede leather is delicate and easy to get dirty, so try to keep it clean and avoid getting any liquids on it. But if you do, get some suede leather cleaner and try it before taking it to a dry cleaner. 🙂

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