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How to buy Leather pants, care and cleaning

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Leather pants, some still hear that and think of a middle age guy going through a mid-life crisis, or a gay guy! But the fact is leather pants are very much fashionable now, and damn comfortable too. Now in this post I’m talking about leather pants, not leather chaps. I have another post on leather chaps if you want to know about those, use the search box.

Leather pants are shaped and look pretty much like any other pair of pants. There are many more styles of woman’s leather pants than men’s. They can have belt loops, 4 or 5 pockets, front zipper or tie front, leather lace, side lace and they can come with or without a liner. So first the basics, what kind of leather do they use for leather pants?

Well leather pants are not made to protect you as much as chaps are. They are made for comfort, good looks and fashion. So most of them are made from the softer split leather, the side without the top grain. So most of them are very smooth with no real leather grain pattern, but some put a grain pattern on them. Continue reading How to buy Leather pants, care and cleaning