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Dead Man’s Hand Aces And Eights Cowboy Skull Embroidered Biker Patch — The Perfect Addition To Your Leather Jacket

Dead man's hand cowboy embroidered biker patch

Good morning everyone! Fall is already here, so you’ll soon have to take your leather jacket out of the closet. If you’re seeking ways to breathe new life into it, consider adding a biker patch. It takes just a few minutes and can turn your old jacket into a masterpiece!

This time I want to show you a super cool patch featuring a cowboy skull, guns, and playing cards. I’m talking about the Dead Man’s Hand Aces And Eights Cowboy Skull Embroidered Biker Patch. It’s black and white with hues of gray and can be sewed or ironed on.

What makes it stand out is its large size and unique design. Since it’s 10.5 inches wide by 12 inches high, it fits any jacket. The design is one of a kind and makes a great choice for men and women alike.

Originally, I used the Dead Man’s Hand Aces And Eights Cowboy Skull design for men’s biker shirts. It was so popular that I decided to turn it into a patch. The colors were carefully selected to ensure they go well with any kind of jacket, whether it’s black, gray, or dark blue.

If you look closely at the design, you’ll see that every detail is taken care of. The cowboy skull is centered between the words Dead Man’s Hand and features Aces and Eights with holes from gunshots. There are also Old West revolvers on each side of the skull.

This biker patch is just perfect for those trying to achieve a rugged look. It’s bold yet subtle and can be applied to denim, leather, cotton, and other fabrics. Place it on your favorite denim vest or leather jacket to stand out from the crowd.

Did I mention that the white, silver, and gray thread is mildly reflective?

This means that your new patch will be visible even when you’re out at night. Don’t be surprised if your buddies ask where you got it from!

So, go ahead and order this cowboy skull biker patch! You won’t see anything like this anywhere else. Plus, it makes a great gift for your fellow bikers. Get one or more and upgrade your wardrobe before the cold weather sets in!