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How to buy quality leather gloves and motorcycle gloves

leather motorcycle glovesleather motorcycle gloves

I’ve never had a post about leather gloves before on here. The reason is,,, well,,, there are so damn many different types of leather gloves out there! So it’s hard to really say just what you should look for or what to get. Leather gloves can be made of just about any type of leather hide, plus have many other fabrics and synthetic material in them.

They can be lined or unlined, stiff or soft, tough like iron or delicate to scratches, any color of the rainbow, with or without leather fringes or hardware and on and on. So it can be very confusing if your trying to find a quality pair of leather gloves. One thing I can tell you is, DON’T get “patchwork” leather gloves.

Those are the type that has many small pieces of leather sewn together to make the finished product. They are junk and you should not get any type of leather item made from patchwork leather, be it a leather jacket, vest, wallet or gloves. Now, there are three basic types of leather gloves, with variations in each class. The first is full finger leather gloves like in the pictures above.
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