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What is faux fur leather coats and jackets made of?

what is faux fur leather jackets and coats made of?

With the Holidays here, many guys think about getting their wives or girlfriends a fur, or faux fur leather jacket or coat. But just what is faux fur? What is faux fur made out of? Is faux fur cheap or quality? Well, years ago leather fur coats were popular and was seen as something up there with getting a diamond necklace.

A mink fur coat was a status symbol. Then organizations against the cruelty to animals made everyone more aware of the suffering and inhuman treatment that fur animals go through. So now many look down on real fur coats and jackets, and instead opt for faux fur leather jackets and coats. But many still don’t know just what a fuax fur is.

Faux is pronounced “foe” and is French for “not real”. Years ago people who wanted a fur coat but could not afford one got a fake fur leather coat instead. So they were looked on as cheap, and most were. But today a faux fur leather coat is the norm and is very fashionable and most are quality made. Many leather coats have an inside liner of faux fur. Continue reading What is faux fur leather coats and jackets made of?