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Ladies’ Soft Cowhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Studs and Tribal Wings

ladies tribal wings and studs cowhide leather jacket

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week. If not, this gorgeous cowhide leather jacket with reflective wings will brighten your day. It’s designed for ladies, featuring high-quality materials and intricate details.

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Latest Leather Motorcycle Jackets Here At Leather Supreme!!

mens leather split cowhide jacket

Click here to see the newest mens split cowhide leather jacket!!

Hey everyone its Biker Babe here and it has been awhile since we have posted a new item. So I wanted to bring out this new beauty today, this is one of my personal favorites for the men’s leather motorcycle jackets. All of our leather jackets are top quality and come from high grade leather suppliers.

This particular leather jacket that I have in stock is a men’s split cowhide leather motorcycle jacket. It has a lot of bells and whistles to it, it has 3 front zippered pockets, 1 snap pocket, 2 inside pockets, zippered sleeves, and a full sleeve removable lining that zips out for your comfort. Continue reading Latest Leather Motorcycle Jackets Here At Leather Supreme!!

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Ladies warm leather jackets for cold weather

warm ladies leather jacketsladies leather jacket

Sorry I have not been keeping up on the post, been real busy! I have not added much to my store section, but I’m working on it. One of the things I’m going to add is Ladies warm fashion leather jackets like in the picture above. Some people are confused as to if leather jackets are really warm. Leather makes a great windbreaker, which accounts for a lot of cold.

So once you combine a good liner with a good leather jacket you end up with a very warm jacket. If it’s a sheepskin shearling leather jacket it’s one of the warmest jackets you can own. But you don’t even need a liner that thick. A thinsulate zip out liner like the ones in the leather jackets in my store keep you nice and warm in cold weather.

Now, I don’t mean minus 10 degrees temperatures! For that then your best bet is a down parka or shearling coat. But for most normal cold weather of 10 degrees above and higher a leather jacket or coat with a thinsulate liner will be plenty warm. With a zip out liner that same leather jacket will be able to be worn in warmer weather too.

I will be carrying about 8 or so ladies warm fashion leather jackets. Some have faux fur liners and collars. Some have just the thinsulate liner. All are very warm and toasty, two even have hoods that are hidden when not in use. So you get a warm jacket with good leather fashion looks. Look for them in the store in about a week!