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Leather jewelry,bracelets & necklaces

leather jewelry and bracelets

From time to time I start to get a little writers block about leather. There is only so much you can talk about as far as leather goes. I’ve pretty much covered all the ways of cleaning, conditioning and caring for leather. But today I happened to see a pretty leather bracelet and realized I have never talked about leather jewelry.

Now to some jewelry made from leather just does not sound right. Like, what can you make with leather that looks like jewelry? But actually there are many kinds of leather jewelry made. Often the leather is only part of the whole piece of jewelry, like a braided leather necklace with a silver pendant on the end.

Or in the case of leather bracelets the leather makes up the whole thing, or most of it. Cowhide and pigskin are the most common types of leather hides used to make leather jewelry. Almost all leather jewelry is made by making the leather into long thin strips, then braiding them together to make a nice looking pattern.

leather jewelryleather necklaces

A leather bracelet or necklace can have many small strips of leather braided together, or just a few thick ones. It all depends on the leather artist. And they truly are artist; it takes a damn long time to learn how to braid leather into jewelry, I know I can’t! Some use different colors of leather strips to make a colorful piece.

Often they also add silver, gold, copper, nickel or stainless steel to the leather jewelry to really make it look nice and give it more function. The types of leather jewelry is only limited to your imagination. There are leather roses, leather picture frames, leather jewelry boxes and many other forms of leather jewelry.

So if you wanted to see just what kinds of leather jewelry there are out there, just google leather jewelry and you’ll find lots of them. Sometimes there are even leather jewelry shops in my sidebar ads I sell. If you love leather, than go all out and get a few leather necklaces, bracelets or any other leather jewelry and show off your love of leather!

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Leather jacket braiding & how to braid leather

how to braid leather on a leather jacket

Do you know how to braid leather? How does leather braiding stay on a leather jacket? What is leather braiding made from? Oh I suppose you want me to tell you huh? Hehe, well ok, I’ll let you know what leather braiding is all about. Now they also call it that when they braid a leather whip, but we are not talking about that type here.

leather braid on a leather jacketWhat I’m talking about is leather braiding you find on a leather jacket, pants, shorts, saddle bags and all that other leather apparel and motorcycle gear. Leather braiding on a leather jacket can really make it look a lot better, as long as they don’t go to far with it. Often when they put leather fringe on a jacket they sew a leather braid over it so the fringe comes out under the braiding.

It makes it look a lot better that way. You can find leather braiding on just about everything made of leather. From leather jackets to every type of leather apparel, motorcycle gear bags such as saddle bags, even leather purses. So what kind of leather do they make leather braids out of?

Well most of the time it’s the most common types, like cowhide, buffalo and pigskin. They use the split leather so it’s smooth and uniform. They try to use leather that is thick and tough so it will not wear out too fast. A lot of belts are used with leather braiding. The leather is fully treated, just like a jacket. Continue reading Leather jacket braiding & how to braid leather